February 13, 2012


From a comment by bky1701 on slashdot.org
I am pretty much tired of hearing about shouting fire, and how that is a legitimate reason to support censorship. There are two major issues with this. First, yelling fire causes a rather urgent problem. If there really is a fire, there is no proper time to go and question the matter. This does not apply to slander and libel. Slander and libel laws are violations of free speech. Please do not use the analogy to support those (many, many people have... and been wrong).
Second problem: why is it never the fault of the people trampling others, or the organizers who set the situation up to be dangerous to begin with? Of course, it would be quite annoying if people constantly were yelling fire... yet, false fire alarms are actually pretty common. False security lock downs, too. Essentially, at what point is it the fault of the people listening to the guy yelling fire and trampling someone? I'd say, from the moment it happens. Consider if there actually was a fire - how does the situation change? Where does the fault go for someone being trampled if it was really a fire and it happened? If it can't rest with the person raising the alarm, where is it? Was it there all along?
Your idiotic rhetoric about some speech not being protected is why, lo and behold, less and less speech is being protected, despite nearly every developed country recognizing free speech as a human right.

December 11, 2011


   Governments self identified as democracies.
   Governments not self identified as democratic. (Vatican, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Fiji, Tonga and Brunei)

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Democracy_claims.svg

March 11, 2011


Just IMed someone who is in Japan during this massive 8.9 earthquake and tsunami.  (Specified time is Eastern Daylight Time.)
(3:01:26 AM) c5a: r u alive?
(3:01:34 AM) shakingmyhead: glug glug glug
(3:01:46 AM) shakingmyhead: my tv died
(3:01:52 AM) shakingmyhead: got thrown across the room
(3:01:57 AM) c5a: really?
(3:01:58 AM) shakingmyhead: by the earth
(3:01:59 AM) shakingmyhead: yup
(3:02:01 AM) c5a: wow
(3:02:06 AM) c5a: r u in ne japan?
(3:02:09 AM) shakingmyhead: the phone poles
(3:02:15 AM) shakingmyhead: were swaying back and forth like rubber
(3:02:19 AM) shakingmyhead: still shaking hours later
(3:02:29 AM) shakingmyhead: theres a giant constructrion crane nearby
(3:02:34 AM) shakingmyhead: some skyscraper they are building
(3:02:37 AM) shakingmyhead: that thing was going crazy
(3:02:43 AM) shakingmyhead: i was sure it was going to fall but it didnt
(3:02:57 AM) shakingmyhead: im in tokyo.
(3:03:05 AM) c5a: idk where tokyo is
(3:03:11 AM) shakingmyhead: there are sirens and announcements but i cant hear what they're saying
(3:03:13 AM) shakingmyhead: i think its for the cars
(3:03:15 AM) shakingmyhead: they shut down the highway
(3:03:26 AM) shakingmyhead: east, middleish
(3:03:40 AM) shakingmyhead: i was walking outside when it hit
(3:03:41 AM) shakingmyhead: felt crazy
(3:03:41 AM) c5a: is there flooding where ur at?
(3:03:45 AM) shakingmyhead: ground was like boiling
(3:03:49 AM) shakingmyhead: no not as of now
(3:03:52 AM) c5a: what'd you do?
(3:03:58 AM) shakingmyhead: if water gets this far then japan is fucked
(3:04:10 AM) shakingmyhead: i just kind of looked up and ralized i was next to a glass skyscraper
(3:04:17 AM) shakingmyhead: and surrounded on all sides by glass skyscrapers
(3:04:31 AM) shakingmyhead: and decided i was going to be cool on the way out
(3:04:33 AM) shakingmyhead: and kept walking
(3:04:36 AM) shakingmyhead: like it wasnt a thang
(3:04:54 AM) c5a: how'd u get thrown across the room then?
(3:04:58 AM) c5a: if u were outside?
(3:05:08 AM) shakingmyhead: my TV did not me
(3:05:16 AM) shakingmyhead: i got home and it was on the other side of the room
(3:05:18 AM) shakingmyhead: all broken
(3:05:21 AM) shakingmyhead: its' a very large tv so
(3:05:24 AM) shakingmyhead: it must have been quite a scene
(3:05:33 AM) c5a: lucky u weren't watching it
(3:05:40 AM) shakingmyhead: if i was i probably could have caught it
(3:05:42 AM) shakingmyhead: but yeah
(3:05:46 AM) shakingmyhead: wouldnt have wanted to be on the 10th floor when it hit
(3:05:51 AM) shakingmyhead: it was shaking enough on the ground
(3:12:52 AM) shakingmyhead: a bridge fell in souther japan
(3:12:53 AM) shakingmyhead: some ppl died
(3:13:08 AM) shakingmyhead: anotehr earthquake
(3:13:14 AM) shakingmyhead: shaking now
(3:13:40 AM) shakingmyhead: the fuckers on the news
(3:13:48 AM) shakingmyhead: one guy said "get to the top of a tall building"
(3:13:52 AM) shakingmyhead: after which the other guy said
(3:13:54 AM) shakingmyhead: "stay out of tall buildings"
(3:13:59 AM) shakingmyhead: and they just went on to the next thing
(3:14:13 AM) c5a: flooding + earthquake = catch-22
(3:14:34 AM) shakingmyhead: my building is iron and concrete
(3:14:47 AM) shakingmyhead: ill get wroried when the surrounding glass buildings start shattering

(3:17:20 AM) shakingmyhead: hehe
(3:17:22 AM) shakingmyhead: i feel drunk
(3:17:26 AM) shakingmyhead: been shaking back and forth all day
(3:19:10 AM) shakingmyhead: chiba is on fire
(3:19:18 AM) shakingmyhead: damn
(3:19:24 AM) shakingmyhead: i have no water
(3:19:28 AM) shakingmyhead: i was suposed to have a date today
(3:19:29 AM) shakingmyhead: with a hot girl
(3:19:31 AM) shakingmyhead: damnit

(4:08:46 AM) shakingmyhead: whoaaa
(4:08:50 AM) shakingmyhead: the station next to my house is on TV
(4:08:54 AM) shakingmyhead: it is a riot zone
(4:09:01 AM) shakingmyhead: everyone trying ot get on the train

(5:44:19 AM) shakingmyhead: shit is not stopppiong

(6:39:19 AM) shakingmyhead: its still quaking big time
(6:39:28 AM) shakingmyhead: every 20 minutes or so a big quake hits
(6:43:12 AM) shakingmyhead: people in refugee areas are apparently screaming
(6:43:14 AM) shakingmyhead: with each new quake
(7:07:44 AM) shakingmyhead: a boat with 100+ people in it got caught in the tsunami
(7:08:10 AM) shakingmyhead: 6 year old kid died when a store roof collapsed

January 16, 2011

LIVEBLOG!: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

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LIVEBLOG!: Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears

The liveblog is now archived for your enjoyment.

January 15, 2011


Join us tomorrow for the liveblogging of the NFL playoffs.  Check http://chrysler5thavenue.blogspot.com around kickoff to read/participate. Anyone can take part during a game by commenting in the liveblog window.

The Bears are favored by 10 over the Seahawks.  The Patriots are favored by about 9 over the Jets.  Check here for updated spreads.  Live streams of the game available at atdhe.net if you don't have a TV.

Chrysler5thavenue predictions:
  • Seahawks over the Bears. You are going to win money for sure if you bet on the Seahawks with the 10 points.
  • Patriots over the Jets.  Jets will beat the spread.
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November 20, 2010


by Anonymous Cowardon Friday November 19, @05:40PM (#34286548)
John Pistole (head of TSA) tipped his hand when bragging about the effectiveness of the screening.
His brag is that he has thwarted terrorists, by siezing terror tools such as marijuana and a heroin needle.
Now, marijuana and a heroin needle will not bring down a plane, so what's really happening here?
A DEA agent, or police officer, cant run around shoving his hand down everyones pants looking for drugs. Without cause, that would be an illegal search, and the evidence obtained would be useful.
However, when the illegal search is made privately (I shove my hand down a strangers pants, then call the cops when i find a baggie of weed), the evidence is admissable. I may be charged with assault or something, but the point is the DEA has now made an end run around the 4rth amendment.
That is what this is. The TSA are *not* police, the search is obstensibly for security purposes, but when they find that baggie of weed, it's turned over to the cops and DEA who do their whole civil forfeiture routine.
You might remember a scheme to have postal employees 'on the lookout for terror' right after 9/11. Same thing there. The dumb old constitution limits police power, and they fucking hate it.
The country is bankrupt. They need to sieze more houses, cars, and boats. This is just a loophole through the constitution, and a brand new (illegal) battlefield for the War on Drugs, which is much more profitable than the War on Terror. More people die in a day crossing the road than have ever died of terrorism in the USA. They know there's no real threat.
So, once this is accepted, the TSA will move the road show to train and subway stations, and then start random roadside searches of cars. Look to see more bullshit agencies created by executive order, to illegally search - i mean safety screen - you in other venues as well. After all, a Phish concert certainly is a decent terrorist target, right? We want all those people to be safe, after all.
IANAL, and perhaps a real one could clarify what I'm saying, or tell me why I'm wrong.

Source: http://tech.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1876316&cid=34286548


by redelm (54142)on Friday November 19, @05:44PM (#34286600Homepage
The TSA searches are causing greater loss of useable lifetime than terrorists ever could. Each year, about 800 million people have to arrive one hour earlier at the airport to wait in lines and now suffer increased humiliation. Human beings only live for 700,000 hours. The TSA is wasting over 1000 lifetimes each year.

Source: http://tech.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1876316&cid=34286600

November 17, 2010


Today, Wednesday, November 17 at 7pm, a moment of silence and candlelight vigil will be observed on the steps of Union Square in Manhattan to protest New York City's ban of the Four Loko beverage.  Local NYC band Anamanaguchi will be performing an acoustic set.

Facebook event page (Facebook login required)
Screen capture of Facebook event page

August 31, 2010


  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Directly below your Page's Profile photo, click on "Edit Page".
  3. In your browser's URL, note the number that comes AFTER 'edit/?id=' That number is your Page ID.
  4. Go to this URL, but change REPLACEME to your Page ID from step 3: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/app_settings.php?id=REPLACEME&aid=2305272732
  5. Click the setting for "Allow All Fans to Tag Photos"
  6. Save your settings.
In case anyone wants to know why this works, all it is doing is accessing the "Photo Application" settings by using the Application ID (the Facebook Photos Application ID is '2305272732').

(Source:  Nick Coleman on http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=10381469571&topic=3794#topic_top)