February 20, 2009


A police photo of Rihanna beaten by Chris Brown was published by TMZ.com. The LAPD announced it's starting an internal investigation to find out who leaked the picture. Here's some of the comments from readers on there:

"She doesnt look that bad."

Posted at 9:08PM on Feb 19th 2009 by Chris Brown

"Is that really her?? This girl's nose is really wide, i dont think Rihanna's nose is like that. Well, if it is her, thats really sad"

Posted at 9:09PM on Feb 19th 2009 by Sara237

"YOUR nose would be that wide too if it was smashed doofus...duh, that's what a punch in the nose does......."

Posted at 9:11PM on Feb 19th 2009 by Uh Huh

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