June 4, 2009


According to media reports, actor David Carradine died in Bangkok last night or this morning at the age of 72. He was found in his hotel closet. While earlier reports from the U.K. mentioned rope tied around his genitals and his neck, the stories have since been sanitized of all mention of his genitalia and the implication of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Compare the following screen captures of the story from bbc.co.uk taken 61 minutes apart:
In fact, there was an intermediate edit between the two versions above that only mentioned the cord being around his neck (Sorry, no screencap.) Compare also the following two versions of this story at telegraph.co.uk, both marked "Published: 3:34PM BST 04 Jun 2009".
Reports in the U.S. media are even shorter on details such as the story at abclocal.go.com, which initially reported Carradine's agent suggesting that he had died of natural causes.
Carradine was best known for his work on the TV series Kung Fu and a number of movies including Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2. He is survived by his wife Annie Bierman and their three children.
UPDATE (16:26 04 June 2009): Commenter friendlyfires on thesuperficial.com makes some interesting points about Carradine's death and says author David Foster Wallace died of auto-erotic asphyxiation and it was covered up as a suicide. UPDATE (19:08 04 June 2009): While most other media outlets are just hiding the details of the incident, Fox News is trying to sell this as a suicide despite all the evidence against it. Who commits suicide half-naked with rope around their dong? UPDATE (04:42 04 June 2009): The Huffington Post has a good article about what happened.


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  2. Please do not post links to viruses in the comments. Not only is it poor netiquette, it's particularly disrespectful in light of today's circumstances.

  3. To anyone who says that this is an embarassing way to die... Why?

    He died doing something natural and something absolutely normal.

    How is trying to catch a good orgasm any different than trying to make a good coffee?

    Pulling dick is nothing to be ashamed of!!

    Carradine lived as a human, and died as a human, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. You are so totally correct on every point you made. You are a genius journalist.

  5. "Pulling dick is nothing to be ashamed of!!

    Carradine lived as a human, and died as a human, and there is nothing wrong with that."

    ah....yes it is homo!!

  6. Headline should read "Carradine Bangs Cock In Bangkok,Dies"

  7. Youri- It's not the fact that he was jerking off... it's the Erotic asphyxiation part. Most people jerk off... but only a select few do it while choking themselves with a belt. I mean what a sight that would be. Finding some old wrinkly naked dead guy..... a huge grin on his blue face, his rigor mortised hand grasping his cock with jizz all over. This story choked me up a bit.... but not enough.... wears my belt.

  8. There is nothing "natural" about cutting off your own oxygen suppply while jerking off. If it was "natural", you should be able to do it safely without using a foreign object like a rope. However, such comments shows what a bunch of suck f*ck Americans really are. Maybe Osama Bin Ladin was right, the whites Aericans would screw a pig if it feel good.