December 10, 2009


New York 'scene' photographer/actor/singer Kyle Dean Reinford recently found out viral blogger Carles republished one of his photos on  Hipster Runoff blog with attribution and a link to Reinford's site but without his permission.  Now Reinford is bringing out the big guns to protect his intellectual property:  he is filing a DMCA request.  His twitter stream indicates he may also be 'losing his shit'.

(Photo of Kyle Dean Reinford by Kyle Dean Reinford used in accordance with the fair use doctrine.)

  1. kyledreinford ha. hipster runoff has jack johnson's brushfire fairytales as it's #1 album of the decade. #fb from Tweetie

  2. kyledreinford Just realized I'm kind of drunk. from TweetDeck

  3. kyledreinford hoping to get a portrait of mos tonight... from Tweetie

  4. kyledreinford Standing by mos def. Excited for blakroc. #fb from TweetDeck

  5. kyledreinford getting ready to send a DCMA takedown notice to @hipsterrunoff unless he responds to that email, which i fully do not expect. from Tweetie

  6. kyledreinford @mattmusicslut i think i will. mainly because i think that site is such trash. from Tweetie

  7. kyledreinford "I think it is better for the scene if I leave the pix up. Let me know if you disagree." oh, i disagree. move it. from Tweetie

  8. kyledreinford DMCA coming your way. hope you enjoy. #hipsterrunoff from Tweetie

  9. kyledreinford "I am just trying to support the arts and the scene. It seems like you're really killing the modern spirit of sharing, community, art..." from Tweetie

  10. kyledreinford "and expression. I feel like we should work to support one another, building a partnership that enables us to achieve our goals as..." from Tweetie

  11. kyledreinford "artists... I just thought it would be chill to share them with the world. My blog gets a lot of hits from artists, talent scouts..." from Tweetie

  12. kyledreinford "and miscellaneous celebrities+tastemakers. You never know what might happen because of the power of the wonderful thing..." from Tweetie

  13. kyledreinford "...that we like to call the World-Wide-Web." from Tweetie

  14. kyledreinford part of my response: "I'm not killing any spirit, but I do this for a living - it's a business. I share photos all the time with people..." from Tweetie

  15. kyledreinford "...that I respect, that ask for things instead of taking them, and act in a professional manor. When you reach that status, we can talk." from Tweetie

  16. rockographer @kyledreinford is Carles a babe or a guy ? from Echofon

  17. kyledreinford hmm. he's offering me a "content sharing program." #notsurehowidfeelaboutbeingassociatedwiththesite from Tweetie

  18. kyledreinford just compared "good exposure" on hipsterrunoff to having perez hilton ejaculate on my photo being good exposure. i feel good about that one. from Tweetie

  19. kyledreinford @dbartholow i feel good about the comparison, not the fact that they're stealing my photo. from Tweetie

  20. kyledreinford @nikitagale he signed his name as charles in the last email. from Tweetie

  21. kyledreinford by the way, carles was just "remixing" my photo. it's the highest form of flattery. from Tweetie

  22. hipsterrunoff does n e 1 know n e thing abt biz & internet law? from mobile web

  23. kyledreinford thanks to everyone that helped make this day hilarious. #fb from Tweetie

  24. kyledreinford working on getting #hipsterrunoff de-listed from google search, yahoo, and windows live search (msn). from Tweetie

  25. kyledreinford also, if charles (not carles) thinks i'll get tired of this and give up, he has no idea who he's dealing with. #hipsterrunoff from Tweetie

  26. kyledreinford @nisianista he has no respect for property. stole some photos and is not abiding by my requests to remove them. and he's being a dick. from Tweetie

  27. kyledreinford also, let me just say it's not about the photo anymore, it's about the principle. photographers are taken advantage of too much these days. from Tweetie

  28. kyledreinford RT @theRealRyanMatt bro u look like a total D-bag/weakling in yo battle w/ carles. luv that u stickin 2 yo principles even tho u r a gaywad from Tweetie

  29. kyledreinford the aforementioned blog will be taken off of bing's search engine within 3 business days. #win from Tweetie

  30. kyledreinford @24kgoldsher to be honest, i'd rather argue in person, but lil mr. charles is anonymous. from Tweetie

Around this point, tweeter/photographer Ryan Muir posted the following images:

  1. kyledreinford @ryanmuir that'd be great if only you got it right. "DMCA", not "DCMA". from Tweetie

  2. kyledreinford @ryanmuir i don't think you realize, you got that wrong. ryan, it's DMCA. seriously. you're wrong. from Tweetie

  3. kyledreinford @ryanmuir i never said spell check. DMCA isn't a word, so spell check wouldn't catch it, actually. from Tweetie

  4. kyledreinford the village voice emailed me for comment. from Tweetie

  5. kyledreinford @deseraestage from Tweetie

  6. kyledreinford @MiseryXchord i think there are probably some pretty good parallels between 14 year olds and charles. from Tweetie
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One or both of the following quotes may or may not have been posted by Kyle Dean Reinford on the Village Voice's coverage of the imbroglio:

According to his website, Reinford "has 23 chess trophies from between 4th and 10th grade" and is a self-described "OCD sufferer", "pirate", and "publicist" ("Kyle has done all of his own publicity since 1984").



  2. This Kyle fellow sounds like the epitome of a self entitled douche.

    I'd be flattered to have my "photography" posted anywhere and credited, shit. He's the one that posted the pics on the Internet AKA the most invasive/public place you could possibly promote your 'art'. Get over it.

    It's not like Carles took credit for your work, this is high school drama.

    Also...was describing his asent into phtographer-dom necessary?

  3. I'm with kyle on this, carles is burgling him by stealing his photographs and it needs to stop. Also, kyle is a really good photographer!

  4. I'm with kyle on this, carles is burgling him by stealing his photographs and it needs to stop. Also, kyle is a really good photographer!

    Hi kyle!

  5. Kyle is clearly a hugely self-important, delusional child.

    Listen, this is hilarious no matter how you crack it but I recommend everyone check out his website (self-worship shrine) to get the full effect.

    He seriously, I am not kidding, writes about the "23 chest trophies" he won in his youth, etc.

    It reminds me of that farcical college admissions essay:

    And, unlike HRO, it isn't tongue in cheek.

  6. @Youri
    LOLIRL, that was epic.

  7. hai guyz check out KDR's super awesome self portraits:


  8. hahah for fuck's sake. someone please send those to village voice / gawker / nymag somewhere else where people can see who they are actually dealing with here

  9. A plague on both of them and death to all moronic hipsters. The sooner they leave Brooklyn, the better off us natives will be.