February 23, 2010


Today gawker.com published a post profiling a secret NYC party pad where celebrities hang out with strippers and smoke indoors, while saying "we're not mentioning [the owner's] full name, or the location, or running any pictures that might give away either, so as not to ruin perhaps the last refuge for New York debauchery in the era of smoking bans and wealthy neighbors who expect perfect quiet downtown."

Commenter exifhunter pointed out that the GPS coordinates  (+40° 43.64′ -73° 59.62′) in the embedded EXIF data on the iPhone photo of a pickle cabinet within the apartment that the author, Ravi Somaiya, published in the story, placed it at this location.   Commenter ModernMindOfM then gave the address of the location as "12 Great Jones St. The red door under the red awning at the base of the 6 story brick building. Acme Bakery resides in front."

A number of elite Gawker star commenters were awed by exifhunter's supernatural ability to read EXIF data:
@exifhunter: Dude, I want you on my side
Pretty amazing. Somewhere Joan Allen is using his guy to find Jason Bourne.
@exifhunter: I'm just going to offer to buy the movie rights to your life right now, no questions asked.
@MisterLumpyDough: @nirreskeya: @exifhunter: Holy crap. Can you people see me right now?

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  1. Jason Bourne is totally fucked.