July 2, 2010


I just read this interview with Wilson van de Moortele, mostly about his Demi-Demi fashion concept:  http://www.viceland.com/blogs/en/2010/07/01/demi-demi/#more-17105.

I was inspired to do some research and found the video referred to in the interview and his own Demi Demi website.  The video is in a foreign language.  It's worth watching to see the clothes he models.

His website is demi-demi.tk (English translation).

I also came across an article reporting on mugging he was victim to in 2007:  original / English translation.  In it, he is described as an ex-accordionist, singer and miniature builder and is said to ride a moped wearing a distinctive helmet. 

This 2006 article from the same site is about his Demi-Demi clothing concept and also mentions his helmet:  original / English translation.

This blog from 2008 mentions that he is a professional electrician:  original / English translation.

There are two facebook pages dedicated to Demi-Demi: Demi Demi (Wilson) and De officieuze Demi-Demi Fanclub!

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