March 9, 2009


A source in Mexico tells me the following regarding martial law in Mexico:

(7:11:27 pm) [Name Withheld]: I asked around and nobody knows anything.

(7:12:15 pm) [Name Withheld]: In the morning, there was a brief notice about it, and father mentioned something about USA annexing Mexico as another state, but I didn't pay attention

(7:32:27 pm) [Name Withheld]: If I learn anything new I'll tell you.

Note that the MSM (mainstream media) is not reporting on this. Another scoop for us!

(When reposting this on blogs or forums, please provide a link back to this page. Some of our previous reporting is unfortunately going uncredited. Thanks!)


  1. nickyhopkins3/09/2009 7:52 PM

    If we annex Mexico will drugs be cheaper? Thx.

  2. This will validate LA RAZA (The extremist mexican racist neo-nazi group which seeks to eradicate all blacks from america)!!!

    Here is a source:

  3. you are a dumbass
    US will never annex mexico
    i see what kinda shitty blog this is now

  4. wow. so you get a single unconfirmed report from someone who wasn't even paying attention to their own source, and your headline is "USA ANNEXING MEXICO"?

    And you wonder why nobody else in the media is reporting on it. Whoever's reposting your "news" is doing you a favor, not a disservice, by not attributing it.

  5. Quite easily the dumbest, most unreliable, most unverifiable, most muckraking comment ever. There will be nothing for the MSM to report because this is bullshit.

    And you'll say "Ha ha! Just wait."

    I will. You wait, too. Wait as long as you can to say it's gonna happen because it certainly won't be something you'll retract.

  6. LOL!! That's quite a time line:

    7:11:27 pm - No one knows anything
    7:12:15 pm - Some anonymous "notice" and a comment by someone's dad.
    7:32:27 pm - Still, no one knows anything.

    Sounds like you "scooped 'em" this time.
    BTW - At our house, that time line also can be used to prove that a spider farted.

  7. It's not a timeline, dumbass! It's a chatlog! Try spending some more time learning something instead of smelling your spider farts, Gomer.

  8. Hey chrysler5th,

    Keep it comin'! Anon's farting spiders aren't keeping him entertained enough and he's pissed off about it.

  9. usa and mexico?

    and what about the fence?

  10. Jesus Christ I'm tired of this retarded shit.

    Mexico is not under Martial Law! Anyone that believes any part of this guys blog is just as fucking stupid as he is.

    I live here, no news here.. move along or fuck off.

    Disinfo freak..

  11. BAH is experiencing what we in the profession refer to as "shock induced illusions of normalcy". His life is changing before his very eyes and in his struggle not to accept what is happening because it is too shocking, he maintains that "everything is peachy". In a few days he will regain his rationality as the trauma associated with the shock begins to wear off.

  12. yes.. that's it

    (second line) stupid fuck..

  13. Youri,

    I get you now.. after visiting your blog, I realized that you are a lil skinhead punk that knows about 1/3 of a bag of shit about the US and it's Constitution. lolz @ skinheads.
    (line 6) fuck a skinhead..

  14. BAH, your outrage is misplaced, you need to be upset with the failure of your government not with people far away who had nothing to do with the collapse of your nation.

  15. I hate responding, but I guess I have to, of course I am furious with my government. As I have stated many many times.. I am a US citizen that works in Mexico. So yes, my government, the socialization of my government angers me deeply. The rape of the US Constitution by both major political parties enrages me.

    My beef with this site is this.. the nation of Mexico is not under martial law, that is the original fire starter here.. false information. I believe, being an American citizen in a foreign country, I would be the first to know and be 'locked down' if there was actually Martial Law here.

    How the hell have I been able to travel into and out of the US, from Mexico so easily two times since this original 'news' broke? I might have been able to leave, but I promise, a nation under martial law does not allow foreigners to freely cross the borders. /end rant

  16. Pull yourself together. You're going to get through this, martial law isn't the same as an apocalypse.

  17. BAH, as a Mexican, what is your and your countrymen's opinion of the PIFTS.exe scandal? Here in America, the outrage is pretty fierce as we have a long-standing tradition of free speech.

  18. I don't think you can trust either the alternative news or the mainstream either. I am a Mexican citizen and I have not heard of this.

  19. wow,where did guy get this stuff? lock down? i lived in one the poorest colonias in Hermosillo. well at least he got all of us to his blogsite. smart.

  20. And two years later still nothing. How much longer do we have to wait for this news to break? Or for it to actually happen! DAM blogs and idiotic posters