March 8, 2009


After we broke the story earlier last night, veteran reporter Geraldo Rivera announced that Mexico was under martial law. A headline on the screen read "BREAKING NEWS: MEXICAN PRES DECLARES MARTIAL LAW - CIVILIANS AND AMERICANS PUT ON LOCKDOWN." Part way through the report, the graphic was taken down and Rivera, under pressure from either Mexican or American authorities, was forced to take back the statement and announce that martial law had technically not been imposed. It was clear from his words though that it was in effect martial law and that there was an effort underway to downplay the events currently proceeding in Mexico. On the broadcast, Mexican officials projected a calm and confident image despite the escalation of guerilla warfare behind them. Check out the previous blog entry for more background information. UPDATE (19:37 8 March 2009): A clip of Geraldo's broadcast described above has surfaced online. If you have software allowing you to download youtube videos, I urge you to download this one. I have a feeling this one will be taken down shortly.
That clip was the last mention of the president of Mexico declaring martial law. Later broadcasts last night were clearly toned down. Thanks to reader Janet for providing some of the information cited in this post.


  1. The misinformation machine is getting brazen. They would not have dared to cover up something they JUST showed even 2-3 years ago. NOW, it's like people have the memory of a goldfish. DON'T FORGET GERALDINO'S TRUTH.

  2. Mexican and US consulates implementing news blackout, so as to no deter spring breakers.

    Party hardy!

  3. You know the video quality is much better at

    Yeah they changed the graphic but he *started* the broadcast saying this within the first 30-60 seconds: "has effectively declared martial law", this was then *repeated* (a bit awkwardly, I admit) much later after the graphic was removed.

    So I'm not getting this "silenced" thing you're describing here...