March 10, 2009

DIGG BURIES PIFTS.EXE STORY, a popular social news website in which news stories are voted up or down by users and are placed on the front page according to popularity is keeping the top-voted story regarding Symantec's suppression of inquiries about PIFTS.exe hidden. Digg user Janjko says:
This story is flagged, just when it hit 200 Diggs it disappeared from the upcoming stories with most diggs, Digg doesn't want it on it's front page.
Currently the story has 269 "diggs" (or votes up) and counting.

UPDATE (13:20 10 March 2009): The original story with over 300 diggs is no longer showing up in a search for "PIFTS.exe" on anymore. Lower rated stories still show up but are being systematically removed as this is being written. Screenshots of
Original story
Search for "PIFTS.exe
UPDATE (13:20 10 March 2009): The story about the Digg cover up of the PIFTS.exe cover up has reached Digg itself:

UPDATE (14:55 10 March 2009): If PIFTS.exe is related to the FBI's Magic Lantern software, it would not be surprising if Digg was pressured to squelch this.

UPDATE (03:59 31 March 2009): The story in question was the fifth most popular story on Digg that day.


  1. Most likely they're caving to pressure from whatever agency has released the PIFTS virus.


    Magic Lantern is keystroke logging software developed by the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Symantec, the makers of Norton AntiVirus and related products, is reportedly working with the FBI on ways to preclude their products from detecting Magic Lantern. Eric Chien, a top researcher at Symantec, emphasized the ability to detect "modified versions."


    Public Internet and File Tracking System

    It goes offshore because there's no law forbidding sending it to foreign governments. If governments want to spy on their own citizens, it is normal for them to have foreigners do it in order to get around normal restrictions about spying on their own people.

  3. SANS Internet Storm Center reports:

    "I just had a phone call from a Symantec employee confirming the program is theirs, part of the update process and not intended to do harm, more to follow, stay tuned."

  4. symantec employee post in norton forum


    As of this moment, 2 pages of results, one with 299 one over 400 diggs.